Before UEFA CL Final, Know Liverpool’s Strengths & Weaknesses

Before UEFA CL Final Know Liverpool's Strengths & Weaknesses

Before UEFA CL Final, Know Liverpool’s Strengths & Weaknesses. Liverpool will face Real Madrid in the Champions League final tomorrow night Before that let’s know Liverpool’s strengths and weaknesses.

After more than a decade, Liverpool won the Champions League Final. Real Madrid’s third consecutive final win against Real Madrid is more powerful than Liverpool. And so Liverpool is running more than the Spanish club. If you want to be Europeans after 13 years of long, the English club will have to pay more emphasis on strength areas by reducing the weaknesses. Liverpool’s weaknesses and strengths are highlighted:


Coach Clip’s ‘Heavy Metal’ strategy: The biggest step to achieve success at the Borussia Dortmund is ‘Guggenpressing’. Clap that is trying to keep the team together with Gregenpressing, which is a major factor for Liverpool, who came to Liverpool. Guggenpressing, with the presence of players all around the ball and bowling all-time in front of the ball, is confused by the opposition team.

Virgil Fan Dyke: When the Liverpool bought Virgil van Dyke in 85 million euros for the January season, criticism has been criticized. But the presence of Virgil van Dijk in the team has made Liverpool’s fragile protection a lot stronger. Fon Dyke is their main strength. Liverpool has kept a clean sheet in 10 of the last 21 matches, the Netherlands’s defender.

Milner’s regeneration: James Millner, who had a lot of speculation in Clop’s team Many of the team did not want Milner in the eleven. However, Milner has become extraordinary in the Champions League all of a sudden. All the players of the Champions League have surpassed Miller by 9 assists. To be able to play in all the positions in midfield, and even if needed, the big power for Milan’s Liverpool.

There was a dynamic forward like Salah-e-Farimino’s ‘Bond’: Mohammad Salah, but his team needed his teammates, who would be able to provide him with a big shot. In this case, Sadio Means and Roberto Ferimino are just amazing. The speed of three and the ball made from the back – ‘Gaganepressing’ is the fantastic ‘Bond’ attack of football. With the technique of clips, these three players have adapted so well, any team is afraid to fear.


Loris Sven Karius’ wrong tendency: There was a debate about who would be the main goalkeeper between Simon Mignolet and Loris Sven Karius. Both of them are fine due to mistake But the wrong tendency of Lauris Carries to keep him as a goalkeeper in the Champions League. Often, Karis, who made a big mistake, could make Liverpool in trouble in the final.

Lack of consistency: Jürgen Norbert Klopp is winning the team with his team’s ‘Triphala’ attack, but the team could not become consistent. In the Champions League quarter-final, after the fall of Cape Guardiola’s Manchester City. Liverpool would have been severely devastated by West Bram.

Chamberlain’s absence: Liverpool has met the lack of creative talent in mid-medium by buying. Alex Oxlade Chamberlain from Arsenal after the departure of Philippe Coutinho. But in the semifinal, Chamberlain’s injury has put Liverpool in worry. If Chamberlain is absent, the meaning of the attacking force will reduce the supply of ball-salah, it is normal. This place is currently the subject of Liverpool’s concern.

Due to lack of power: Liverpool’s XI has many stars in attendance. But there is no player in the squad that can change the game quickly. There are young stars like Woodburn, Alberto Moreno. Danny Enges, but the ability to change the pace of the game is not yet seen from them. Liverpool reached the Europa League final last season. But he could not win the game against Sevai. Now the opponent is more powerful. To win this final against Real, Liverpool will have to play the best football.

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