Most interesting Wigan Athletic fixtures

Most interesting Wigan Athletic fixtures

For the Latics, now is the decisive part of the season, because there are very few matches left until the end of the championship, and their position in the standings is far from the best. The results of Wigan Athletic fixtures will largely determine whether the team will play in the Championship the next season or it will be transferred to the lower division.

It seemed that recently this nice team played in the elite division of the English football, but the times are changing rapidly, so now the Latics are one of the main contenders for being kicked out of the second most powerful division. However, this result is not the worst possible, especially because this is the first season after their returning into the Championship. For the team, it is now very important not to be kicked off again, in order not to fall into the pit of the lower divisions.

The upcoming fixtures of Wigan Athletic will be largely decisive for the teams prospects in the near future. If the Latics want to keep a place in this division, then they will no longer have the right to make mistakes and need to demonstrate their maximum in every match. It is extremely difficult at a long tournament distance, especially when most of the competitors have greater staff and a serious budget.

However, the fans are not discouraged and are well aware that the club will have to test its strength. For Wigan, it is extremely important not to lose points in matches with their direct competitors. This is a guarantee that the team will be able to keep a place in the Championship. Its lineup is definitely not the worst in the league, and the calendar of the remaining matches will help with their goal.

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